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Consumer Data on Houseplants--- A Survey August 1975.pdf


Focus on Floriculture Vol 3 #3


Finding out what the consumer buys and what the consumer will pay is of the utmost importance to most growers and sellers of Horticultural products. However, aside from this basic knowledge, a more complete understanding of the consumer would greatly aid the seller in increasing his sales. What does the consumer look for in plants, what uses do these plants have for the consumer, and what does the consumer know about these plants are questions which must be answered for the seller to effectively evaluate his market potential. This survey was conducted in the city of Elkhart, located in extreme northern Indiana, with a population of approximately 40,000. It Is a highly industrial area, not unlike many other growing cities. Included in this industry are several nurseries, florist shops, greenhouses, and garden centers. Besides the availability of plants through these stores, they are also readily available from several types of mass market outlets

Keywords: basic background information WHERE CONSUMERS BUY SIZE AND GROWTH HABIT CONSUMER KNOWLEDGE Apartments and house

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