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Easter Lily Results 1981


Focus on Floriculture Vol 9 #4


Lilies continue to be one of the most difficult holiday crops to grow. Each year we see a multitude of schedules and recommendations that differ widely. It seems that everyone views a lily a little differently. We conducted a study last year to answer the question "does cool early forcing temperature effect forcing time and number of flowers?" Uncooled Ace (9/10) were received on October 30, 1980. The 120 bulbs were divided into five treatments (Table 1) of 24 pots each. These 24 pots were divided into two groups, one as a control and the other received one spray application of A-Rest at 75 ppm on February 12, 1981.

Keywords: Night temperatures Flower initiation case cooling of bulbs CTF forcing A-Rest Spray

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