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Floral Foam Characteristics


Focus on Floriculture Vol 1 #1


A recent Michigan State study by Carpppfer and EvaId (1) compared various floral foams for their ability to sustain rose? in the vase. The investigators used blocks of Oasis, Filfast, Hydra-foam, Niagara, and Quickee which were wetted with Roselife solution. They placed 18 inch roses in vertical foam blocks at various distances from the solution reservoir at the base of the block and found that in Niagara, Hydrafoam, or Oasis, stems 8 inches above the solutions lasted as long as or longer than roses in a vase. Roses in Quickee or Filfast 8 inches above the solution level deteriorated more quickly than in the vase (Figure 1). The manufacturer of Filfast recommends submerging the foam in vase water. In that case (0 inches from solution level (Figure 1) the vase life was quite adequate.

Keywords: Quickee or Filfast Niagara, Hydrafoam Solution reservoir Vertical profile

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