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Poinsettia Trials 1982


Poinsettia Trials


Cuttings of 8 poinsettia cultivars were taken on August 10, 1982. Single plants were potted in a 6 inch plastic pot on September 22, 1982. They were lighted from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. with low intensity incandescent lights from September 15 until October 1. The plants were pinched leaving 4 nodes on September 24. The plants were grown at 65 F night and 75 F day temperature. They received monthly drenches of benlate-subdue. Temik was applied for insect control. They were fertilized with 200 ppm N and K at each watering. Days to flowering, height and bract diameter were recorded at the time of flowering. The results show that the V-14 types require an average of 2 weeks additional time to flower, but they also average a 2 inch larger diameter bract. There is no question that many are growing V-14 because of the larger more showy bract. However, you do need to adjust for the added time when growing the V-14's.

Source: • Focus on Floriculture, Vol. 11 No. 3

Keywords: Cultivars temperature Drenches of benlate-subdue bract diameter height

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