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Slugs in the Greenhouse


Focus on Floriculture Vol 4 #4


There are approximately 25 species of slugs (and snails) which experts have identified from greenhouses, only a few of which are commonly encountered and are important pests. Slugs are not closely related to those insects and mites which make up the bulk of the important greenhouse pests. They are mollusks (Phylum Mollusca, Class Gastropoda) and, as such, they are more closely related to snails, clams, scallops, etc. The more common species include the spotted garden or large gray slug (Limax maximus (L.)), the greenhouse slug (Milax gagates (L.)), the gray field slug (Deroceras laeve (M.)), and the gray garden slug (D. reticulatum (M.)). A key is appended to the text to allow for easy identification of these and other species which are common to greenhouses.

Keywords: Snails Mollusks slime trails lay eggs Mesurol and metaldehyde

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