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The Effects of B-Nine SP on the Height of Lisianthus November 1985.pdf


Focus on Floriculture Vol 13 #4


Lisianthus has received a great deal of attention as a new pot plant and cut flower in the last several years (1,2,3,4). We conducted the following study in 1984 to evaluate its potential as a pot plant in Indiana. We grew a white, blue, and pink Lisianthus (Eustoma) from seed. They were seeded on January 30 under mist with a constant 72°F day/night temperature. The pink cultivar was slower to germinate and grow than the white or blue. The blue and white cultivars were transplanted to 48 cell packs on March 14 and the pink cultivar on March 27. They were grown under natural photoperiods at 65°F night and 70-75°F day. A constant 200 ppm N & K fertilizer program was used. At transplanting the seedlings had 1 pair of leaves. Three plants were transplanted to a 6-inch azalea pot on May 1 (blue), May 7 (white), and May 8 (pink). They were pinched at potting leaving 3 nodes or leaf pair/plant. The plants were sprayed with 0, 5000, 7500, or 10000 ppm B-Nine SP on May 22 (blue), May 31 (white), or June 5 (pink) when the new growth had started to elongate. Treatments were replicated (1 pot/replicate) 10 times for blue and white and 7 times for pink.

Keywords: Eustoma reducing plant height Longevity of Lisianthus vase life pot plant

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