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1997 Oklahoma State University Poinsettia Cultivar Trial


KS and OK Greenhouse Growers Association


Fifty-seven cultivars from five breeders were featured in this year's OSU poinsettia cultivar trial. Rooted cuttings were received from participating companies August 21-22, 26, potted in a commercial premixed media (Fafard No. 2, Fisons, Inc), and placed in a corrugated polycarbonatecovered greenhouse. Plants were pinched to seven nodes above the medium on September 14 and one application ofcalcium chloride foliar sprays (200 ppm) was made at first color. Plants were hand irrigated with 250 ppm N from a commercial premixed fertilizer (Peters 20-10-20 PLS) and leached with unfertilized water weekly. Fertilization was ceased on November 15. No plant growth regulators were applied and Marathon was used for whitefly control. The following data were collected on each plant when it flowered: height (from media), diameter (average oftwo measurements, one taken at the widest point and the other perpendicular to the first), flower clusters per plant, date offirst color, date offlowering, broken stems per plant, and foliage, bract, and overall ratings (1-5 rating, with 5 being the best). Data were collected on 20 to 40 plants per cultivar, depending on the number of plants sent by each company.

Source: • KS and OK Greenhouse Growers Association

Keywords: Flowering Gutbier Puebla Stems Premixed media

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