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1998 Oklahoma State University Poinsettia Cultivar Tria


KS and OK Greenhouse Growers Association


The number ofcultivars evaluated in 1998 increased to 78 and will likely increase again in 1999 considering the number ofnew introductions already announced. Several trends in the new cultivars emerged. The number ofearly flowering red cultivars increased with the introductions of 'Nova Red' and 'Orion Red' by Fischer. Ofthe two cultivars 'Orion Red' was the strongest growing and filled out a 6-inch pot nicely. Two strikingly different cultivars, 'Winter Rose Dark Red' and 'Red Baron', were released by Ecke. 'Winter Rose' was the darling ofthe consumer evaluation receiving the greatest number ofvotes (out of92 ballots returned) for overall favorite cultivar ofthe 78 cultivars evaluated. The curled-underpuckered dark red bracts were quite striking. The foliage was also curled under and dark green. Unlike many novelties where the consumers markthemas a favorite on the surveysand then buy a typicalred plant, the consumers at TLC bought all of the 'Winter Rose' plants they had to offer. 'Red Baron' was distinctly different because ofthe waxy dark maroon-red bracts. Both 'Winter Rose' and 'Red Baron' stood out from the other reds.

Source: • KS and OK Greenhouse Growers Association

Keywords: Rose Cutting Foliage Multi color

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