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The Fungus gnat larva: A problem


threat of the fungus gnat to greenhouse crops


Thethreat of the fungus gnat to greenhouse crops isemphasized; its life history is outlined, and possible checks foritscontrol are reported. It has been observed recently in several greenhouse ranges in Ohio and other states that the fungus gnat (also called the mycetophilid fly, mushroom maggot, manure fly or fickle midge) and its shiny, black headed white maggots have been causing problems with geraniums, poinsettias, Easter lilies and chrysanthemums (figures 1, 2, 3 and 4). This preliminary report is given at this time in hopes that growers will become aware of this insect and the damage that it may cause, especially to the large poinsettia crops.

Source: • The Florists' Review

Keywords: Poinsettia Easter lily Geranium Greenhouse crops Fungus gnat Chrysanthemum

Libraries: Floriculture

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