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Enhancing Protea Flowering in Hawaii


Enhancing Protea Flowering in Hawaii Richard A. Criley, Dept. Plant & Soil Sciences, University of Hawaii The objective of the study was to determine if the advance pruning and cytokinin treatments found effective to manipulate flowering on the protea cultivar Cardinal in South Africa could be extended to other cultivars or species in the genus. To this end, 11 protea varieties growing at the University of Hawaii research station on the Island of Maui were pruned at three times in the fall and winter of 2010-2011 (September, November, January). The pruned stems were cut back to a whorl about 1 cm in diameter and tagged to allow us to follow regrowth development. Growth was followed until two or three flushes had developed on stems stimulated by the pruning; at this time 500 ppm of cytokinin (N-6-benzylaminopurine = N-6-BA) was applied to the growing point. Data were collected every two months on the status of the terminals: still vegetative, multiple by-passing shoots, or initiation of an inflorescence.

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