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New York State Flower Industries , Inc


Ancymidol (known as A-REST in the trade) is a very effective growth retardant used to keep Easter lilies from growing too tall. The amount of active retarding ingredi ent per plant affects the height reduction so the concentra tion of the growth retardant solution and the amount of solution applied are equally important. The amount of growth retardant to be applied will be governed by several factors: 1) lily cultivar, 2) bulb size, 3) amount of height reduction desired, and 4) cultural conditions such as light, temperature, soil moisture, root medium and soil fertility. For shorter growing cultivars such as Ace, Nellie White, etc., the amount of height reduction usually does not need to be great, and the amount of A-REST applied should be less than for taller growing types such as Georgia and Croft lilies. For some cultivars (Ace in our experiments), plants from large bulbs tend to be taller than from small bulbs; interestingly, our experience was that the % of height reduction was about the same when treated with growth retardant

Source: • New York State Flower Industries, Inc. Bulletin #65

Keywords: Ancymidol growth retardant lily cultivar Height reductio bulb size

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