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Geranium School - Easter Lily Cost of Production - Poinsettias Boron Deficiency


Geranium School - Easter Lily Cost of Production - Poinsettias


GERANIUM SCHOOL SUMMARY: Successful launch - that describes the reaction to the revised Penn State Geranium manual . Two meetings in November brought together geranium growers from various areas of Pennsylvania a s well as a number of other states - including Canada. The Western Pennsylvania meeting drew a crowd of 106 and the King of Prussia meeting hit 212 attendance figure. At both meetings over half of those in attendance stayed on until the twelve hour geranium school adjourned at 9:00 PM. The growers' planning committee came up with an excellent program. Penn State recommendations from the various staff members received a seconding motion from the various growers who reported on how they used these recommendations.

Source: • Greenhouse Notes PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY Dec 1971

Keywords: Poinsettias Easter lily Cost Boron Deficiency

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