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Grower Cost Records are Essential


New York State Flower Industries , Inc


At no other time in the history of the industry, has it been more important than now to keep accurate production cost records or have a well-planned greenhouse pro gram. It means keeping houses in operation nearly 365 days a year. Despite increasing costs of production, some growers have been able to operate and show a profit. Many however, do not know how to arrive at their costs and have sold their products below the point of actual profit. Through poor planning many have not reached maximum production. If a bench stands empty just seven days, you have just increased your costs and lowered your profits over the rest of your greenhouse bench space. This means you have lost 1.9 percent of the production of that bench. This additional cost then must be added to the cost of the other benches. You should bear in mind, when figuring costs, that no two operations are alike. To evaluate the costs, you should know how much laborsaving equipment is involved. Are you getting the most productive capacity you can with the labor available? Will the laborsaving equipment enable you to eliminate some help or will it be just an expense and not insure more production per man-hour? Perhaps it may make the work load easier, but is it profitable?

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