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New Concepts in Potted Chysanthemums Scheduling Part I


New York State Flower Industries , Inc


For the past several years Chrysanthemum scheduling has been one of my pet subjects because I feel this is an area that is sadly neglected by most growers. While it is an important area that is relatively simple, in most green houses it is an area that is mishandled and in turn the crops suffer. With proper scheduling, we take another big step in the direction of Cadillac quality. We can move closer to making it become a reality and not just a dream. All of us follow some type of schedule in growing pot mum. The year-round pot mum timetables were first put together in the early 1950's. Like cut mum timetables, they were set up on the same basic height and quality principles revolving around the total number of day light hours available to the plant at any given period of the year. The timetables were based on very sound principles and generally worked well for the first 10 to 15 years. Then came the Pot Mum Cultural Revolution. With a cul tural upgrading we finally started seeing flaws in what once worked so well. Let's look at today's scheduling. There are two general areas that are involved; 1) the lighting and shading portion of the schedule and 2) the pinching schedule

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