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Toward Longer-Lasting Flowers


New York State Flower Industries , Inc


The optimum "low temperature" for storage of most flowers is 31T. This is an arbitrary value, midway be tween 29°F, the temperature at which flowers generally freeze, and 33°F, the storage temperature above which noticeable decline in flower quality takes place. Proper dry packaging requires a moisture-vapor-proof confinement in which flowers can be sealed. The flowers are simply enclosed in the confinement; no free water is added. None is necessary because the nature of the packing unit prevents almost all water loss. Specifications for dry packages are less precisely defined than for the refrigeration requirements because they depend on the individual needs and problems. In experimental trials, flowers were dry packed simply by wrapping and sealing them in moisture proof cello phane. Polyethylene is another material which can be used successfully. These packs were placed on shelving in refrigeration units. Commercially, rigidity of pack is necessary. Suggestions are given below.

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