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Air Pollution Affects Florists Crops


Illinois State Florists' Association


In today's world, pollutionof our environment is a matter of concern to all thinking citizens. It is a topic having many political, economic, and social implications. We are concerned about the pollution of our water supplirs. -^lid waste disposal problems, excessive noise levels around us, radioactive fallout, the destruction of spots of natural beauty by our advancing urbanization, and the contamination of the very air which we breathe and in which we must carry out our vital activities. It is not surprising that plants, among the various types of living organisms, are considered to be the most sensitive biological indicators of the presence of trace quantities of aerial pollutants, when we stop to consider how a plant is constructed, and how it operates. To synthesize the carbohydrate supplies needed for normal growth, plants must "mine" vast quantities of air to collect the carbon dioxide, a gaseous raw material, needed to support photosynthesis.

Source: • Illinois State Florists' Association Bulletin #324

Keywords: Carbon dioxide Ozone Ethylene AIR POLLUTANT INJURY toxicant

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