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Illinois State Florists' Association


Drying flowers for floral design, which previously took up to 6 weeks of drying time, can now be done in a matter of minutes with the microwave oven. The new technique presents fresher-appearing, more colorful materials for use in floral designs. Mrs. Grace Rymer of Cleveland, Tenn., prominent floral designer, consultant and artist, has found that drying flowers the 'microwave way' is one of the most challenging and exciting adventures in her floral career. Mrs. Rymer, who has been a member of a New York design team for several years, has traveled across the country designing for such events as the inaugural ball of former Pres. Nixon. Mrs. Rymer is a member of a family that founded and owns a company that is the national distributor of a well-known brand of microwave ovens. "The micro wave oven has given us this new mechanic to make the technique possible," said Mrs. Rymer.

Source: • Illinois State Florists' Association Bulletin # 362

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