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Illinois State Florists' Association


In order to produce quality pot lilies for Easter, care ful consideration must be given to cultural practices concerned with planting date, bulb size, soil mixtures, bulb handling, planting, temperature, fertilization and watering, lighting, humidity, storage, and disease and insect control. PLANTING DATE is often not understood. With an early Easter, March 21 to March 31, later planting is important to allow bulbs to be thoroughly precooled. This is important even if planting is delayed to less than 120 days before Easter. Late November or early December planting is acceptable with an early Easter IF bulbs are started cool (55°F) for the first 2 weeks. With a late Easter, April 15 to 25, early planting at 60 F is more acceptable because there is more time for forcing. BULB SIZE is important. Bulb costs are not as great as production and selling costs. Many growers fail to realize this and use a small bulb when larger bulbs would be more economical. The average number of buds to be expected from varic is sizes of bulbs is as follows:

Source: • Illinois State Florists' Association Bulletin # 297

Keywords: Temperature Planting date bulb size Dry fertilizers Lighting

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