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Poinsettia Stock Plant Culture


Illinois State Florists' Association


This year the poinsettia stock plants will be received in Mid-April. As soon as they are received it is best to plant them immediately, however, if this is impossible or inconvenient due totainers at a 60O to 70O F temperature. DO NOT PLACE THEM IN THE REFRIGERATOR. Containers. The containers used for stock plant production is very important. It should be large enough for the roots, hold enough soil volume so it won't dry out too quickly, and also have adequate drainage. Six - gallon cottage cheese cans available from bakeries, or bushel baskets are ideal. If cans are used be sure enough holes are pierced in the bottom for drainage.

Source: • Illinois State Florists' Association Bulletin # 301

Keywords: Containers steam pas teurized soil Fertilization Temperature and relative humidity

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