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Recommendations For The Handling of Cut Roses


Illinois State Florists' Association


WATER TO which a good preservative has been add ed is (he best medium in which to arrange roses. Observations indicate that the incorrect use of a "foam" material as a holder will seriously reduce the keeping quality of roses. In most instances, the number of days of vase-life in the trials (conducted at Michigan State under the sponsorship of Roses, Inc.) was reduced when the roses were arranged in foams as compared to similar roses arranged in water. "Niagara Foam" was a possible exception in those trials. Extensive testing done with the various foam materials resulted in many variations in the results obtained with the different materials. A definite difference occur red in the rate at which water was absorbed by the different foams, and a considerable amount of difference seemed apparent in the thoroughness with which the blocks were saturated. There seemed, also, to be a differ ence in the rate at which water was given off to the flower stems, and in the rate of evaporation of water from the blocks.

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