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Illinois State Florists' Association 402


Classes of Marigolds Arranged By Principal Garden Use Category I — Low Edging marigolds (10 inches or less in height). Most of the varieties in this class are fairly recent developments from the "French" marigold, T. patula — selections made from the older, taller growing and generally more uneven marigolds. However, some of the newer triploid hybrids are coming in under the 10-inch height limit, and one dwarf T. erecta variety. Plant breeders are well along in developing more low-growing, large flowered T. erecta hybrids. With their short, neat plants — ball or dome-shaped — the low edging marigolds are perfect for outlining beds of taller flowers or bordering walks. Individual plants are often used in small containers with other annual flowers. Category II — Divider marigolds (11 to 18 inches in height). "Divider" marigolds were formerly called "bedding" marigolds, but the latter name has been dropped because of the confusion with the nursery trade term "bedding plants."

Source: • Illinois State Florists' Association Bulletin # 402

Keywords: Low Edging Divider Background Category Spreading

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