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Care of Freshly Cut Flowers


Focus on Floriculture Vol 7 #2


Flowers cut fresh from the garden will last longer if they are conditioned or "hardened." Properly treated flowers will take up water readily and do not wilt quickly after they have been arranged. 1. Cut the flowers before 9 a.m. 2. Cut the flower stems with a sharp knife on a 45° angle. 3. Remove foliage from the bottom portion of the stem. 4. Place the cut stems into warm water (110°F) immediately. 5. Use a commercial or prepared flower food in the water. Use a food which is a composite of sugar, acidifier and a mild fungicide. The use of aspirin, copper pennies, etc. does not pro long the life of cut flowers. 6. Allow the flowers to stand at least 4-5 hours in a cool room. 7. Blossoms can be wrapped to clean them crist. 8. Be sure the container for arranging is washed with soap and water to remove all bacteria. 9. Avoid excessive heat both before and after arranging. 10. Keep flowers in a cool area when not in use. 11. Never store flowers with fruits or vegetables.

Source: • Focus on Floriculture, Vol. 7 No. 2

Keywords: Water Fungicides Continual growth Annuals Blossoms Crist Acidifier Remove foliage from the bottom Never store flowers with fruits or

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