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Starting Salaries Range Widely


Focus on Floriculture Vol 9 #2


In April 1980, the School of Agriculture began surveying its May 1980 graduates to determine their employment plans, the kind of jobs these graduates were going into, and the starting salaries they received. The following is a compilation of the responses returned by 447(75 percent) of the school's 578 May graduates. In general, the responses supported observations made during the on-campus interviewing process that opportunities for agricultural graduates are excellent. However, it was apparent that the "slump" in the economy that occurred in the spring and summer of 1980 had taken its toll on graduates just as it had in the "general population." While a similar study indicated that 59 students (13.2 percent) of the May 1980 graduates were unemployed graduates, only about two-thirds were actually seeking work or, in a few cases, graduates were in temporary employment and were not seeking full-time permanent employment.

Keywords: Economy Agricultural graduates Temporary employment Full-time permanent employment Employment plans,

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